IDEAL Reader – Demo of ePub3 Features

IDEAL Reader is pushing towards completion with some of the major features for ePub3 already being implemented.
Here is a brief video which highlights the ePub3 features implemented in IDEAL Reader.

IDEAL Reader would be available for Beta trials towards end of August. For any feedback, suggestions or queries, please free to contact us on or

At present, IDEAL Reader supports following salient features from ePub3.

Sr No Epub3 Feature Status


1 Javascript Support Supported
2 Media Overlay Supported
3 Audio & Video tag (embedded multimedia) Supported
4 MathML support Supported using MathJax
5 epub:type Supported
6 HTML5-canvas Supported
7 Multi-language fonts (eg. Japanese, etc) Supported
8 Multiple Table of Content Supported
9 Fallbacks Supported
10 epub:trigger Supported
11 epub:switch Supported
12 Altenate stylesheets Partially Supported At present, only day/night mode stylesheets are supported. Vertical writing will be supported in later versions
13 Vertical writing To be included in later versions The feasibility of doing this is being evaluated
14 SVG support To be included in later versions Will be included in later versions….